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IMAT Sponsorship Information

We offer Exclusive or Shared Sponsorship Opportunities - perfect to expand your reach and increase visibility before, during and after the IMAT Conference. Custom sponsorships are also available to fit any tradeshow budget. The benefits of investing in sponsorships are invaluable!



Benefits of Sponsorship:
        •    BRAND VISIBILITY: To a Targeted Materials Industry Market Segment 
        •    CONTENT STRATEGY:  Partner with the Leader in Materials Information 
        •    EFFICIENT LEAD GENERATION: Meet face-to-face, build a customer database and
              promote products 
        •    RELATIONSHIPS: Find new collaboration partners, customers and supplier relationships;
              Strengthen customer relationships 
        •    ENGAGEMENT: Increase your involvement within the materials community
        •    RECOGNITION: Make your company stand out as a leader at the event – before, during and after


What is your company's focus? We have a sponsorship for that!





IMAT Sponsorship Sales Contact:
Email: ExpoSales@asminternational.org