IMS Committees

IMS Committees


IMS Committees channel member involvement into tangible programs, products and services. These committees stay on top of technical advances and other areas of member interest.  By doing so, they bring new information to the members of IMS through products and services including:

  • Conference programming

  • Course development

  • Reference and periodical publications

If you enjoy working with other top professionals in field of metallography, we invite you to get involved on a committee. Through the products they develop and refine, these volunteers provide information and expertise that make a direct contribution to the field.

Please review the list of committees and their purpose and email the staff liaison of your interest or email

Annual Meeting/Events Committee

The purpose of the Annual Meeting/Events Committee is to bring together the generators and users of information to meet the needs of IMS members as it relates to the global metallographic community by providing vision, leadership and resources for technical programming at IMS; primarily the IMS Annual Meeting. An important facet of this mission is coordination of technical content between the ASM Affiliate Societies, the Microscopy & Microanalysis Conference, ASM Chapters, ASM Education Committee, Exposition, and Emerging Professionals. The Annual Meeting/Events Committee shall support the IMS Strategic Plan and be accountable and responsible for those strategic actions which fall within the purview of the committee. It shall also be the responsibility of the committee to contribute new program and service ideas that support the ASM Strategic Plan.

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Education Committee

Based on the IMS Vision Statement, the Education Committee shall provide information and support education services, including those through ASM. The Committee shall examine ASM courses and revise as needed, develop new educational services related to metallography.

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Nominating Committee

The IMS Nominating Committee will be responsible for nominations for the IMS Officers positions and general Board members, as described in the IMS Constitution. This Committee will also be responsible for nominating IMS members to appropriate ASM positions and awards.

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Technology Committee

Based on the IMS vision, the Technology Committee shall develop an overall marketing strategy resulting in name recognition and public relations programs to enhance the image of the metallography industry and this society. This would be accomplished with the use of new technology applications, such as using new web tools, multimedia applications, and the use of social media to enhance our society goals. This committee would implement programs in cooperation with other committees to achieve an overall positive financial contribution, and meet member needs.

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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall recommend to the Board the awards policy of the Society, and shall be responsible for the awards activity of the Society. It shall recommend to the Board suitably chosen and properly qualified nominees for the various awards and honors of the Society. The Awards Committee shall support the IMS Strategic Plan and be accountable and responsible for those strategic actions which fall within the purview of the committee.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee contributes to the success of the International Metallographic Society (IMS) through its ongoing membership program initiatives including actively enhancing and owning the member value proposition (new products, services and value); growing and retaining membership by demonstrating and reinforcing the value proposition; promoting metallography as a discipline, and improving membership communications throughout the society by developing marketing and sales plans that are based IMS Strategic Plan. Ultimately, the Membershp Committee is held accountable for meeting member needs as well as achieving the financial contribution for the Membership product line as set forth by the IMS Board.

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Publications Committee

This committee shall be chaired by the current IMS Vice President, who will be the Board Liaison for these publications:

(a) Sliplines- Oversee the publication of this IMS publication, in conjunction with the ASM appointed Editor.

(b) Metallography, Microstructure and Analysis Journal - Provide IMS Board support in the publication of the IMS Journal, in conjunction with the Editor and ASM staff.

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