Best in Show, This award is endowed by Buehler and is open to Classes 1 and 2 only.  The winner will receive the Jacquet-Lucas Award consisting of the Jacquet-Lucas Medal in a shadow box, a hand lettered calligraphy certificate, and a total of $3,000.00.  The Jacquet-Lucas award does not also receive the first place prize money in their class.  

The DuBose-Crouse Award, is based on unique, unusual, and new techniques in microscopy, which is open to Classes 1, 2, and 3.  The winner receives prize money associated with first, second, or third place, and the DuBose-Crouse plaque.

The George L. Kehl Award is a prestigious award, recognizing outstanding achievement by an undergraduate student.  The first place student winners in Class 3 will receive $1,000 (shared if two or more contributors on the winning entry) and the George L. Kehl Plaque. 

First place winners in each class receive $500, with the exception of Class 3, which receives $1,000.  In addition, for the class in which the Jacquet-Lucas Award is given, no first place prize is awarded.  Second place winners in each class receive $200, and third place winners receive $100.  A certificate of appreciation will be awarded for Honorable Mention.  

A first prize will be awarded in each class, unless minimum standards are not met.  If a first place prize is not awarded, then second and third place prizes will not be awarded.  However, in the event a first place prize is not awarded, then Honorable Mention certificate(s) may be awarded.  Honorable Mention certificate(s) may be awarded in lieu of, or in addition to second and third place prizes. 

Prize money, plaques, and certificates will be sent to the primary investigator (i.e., first author listed), except in the case of the Jacquet-Lucas and George L. Kehl Awards, which will be divided equally among the authors.

*All monetary awards will be issued in U.S. dollars.