Classes 1, 2, and 3 will be on a point system using the following criteria:

  1. Technical content - originality of the project in relation to characterizing a material or process, solving a problem - 45 points maximum.

  2. Uniqueness of specimen preparation - 25 points maximum.

  3. Image quality - 20 points maximum.

  4. Uniqueness of the presentation in an aesthetic and technical sense, manner of titles, and other printed descriptions - 10 points maximum.

Classes 4 and 5 only will be based on artistic value of the micrographs only

Requirements for the panel of judges:

  1. An even number of judges, with the IMC Chair casting the deciding vote if necessary.

  2. At least one judge holds with an advanced degree and experience in physical metallurgy.

  3. At least two judges shall be practicing metallographers.

  4. At least one judge shall be a representative from the commercial "metallography" trade.

  5. Judges shall serve for no more than three consecutive years.

  6. At least two new judges shall be appointed each year.

These criteria can be met with one judge satisfying more than one requirement. A group of six or eight judges is considered ideal.

For further information, email: Steven Gentz (IMC Chair) at: steven.j.gentz@nasa.gov