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Actuator Solutions wins German Innovation Award for shape memory devices

July 13, 2014
Source: ASM International

Actuator Solutions GmbH (ASG), Germany, a subsidiary of Alfmeier Pr├Ązision and SAES Getters, has won the 2014 German Innovation Award for its development of a wide range of applications for shape memory devices. In the cell phone camera shown here, shape-memory micro-wires control camera operation. "ASG manages to transfer SMA actuator technology from the automotive industry to other sectors, and as a result contributes to a better energy balance by saving weight and space," said the judges.

The jury included Roland Tichy, chief editor of "WirtschaftsWoche;" and Prof. Dr. Matthias Kleiner, president of the German Research Foundation. The jury said that ASG has a clear advantage when it comes to patents and development, and a unique level of technical knowhow to implement mass production. Founded in 2011 with six engineers from six different countries, ASG currently employs 30 staff in Germany and 15 in Taiwan.

The German Innovation Award was established on the initiative of "WirtschaftsWoche," Accenture, EnBW Energie Baden-W├╝rttemberg, and Evonik Industries. Only companies based in Germany are eligible to enter. The innovations must have been developed mainly in Germany. The new developments are evaluated in terms of scientific criteria. Other important criteria include financial viability, social and environmental benefits, market opportunities, the project concept/additional applications, and synergies in particular.



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