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Imaging instrument for electronics combines thermal camera, temperature measurement

August 11, 2017
Source: ASM International

Flir Systems, Wilsonville, Ore., introduces the ETS320, a thermal imaging and temperature measurement instrument for electronic components and printed circuit boards. It combines a high-sensitivity thermal camera with an adjustable table stand to provide consistent, noncontact thermal testing through the entire electronics design, development, and production process. 

Flir designed the ETS320 for hands-free use in a lab, with a microscope-style stand that's quick to set up, and simplified features that allow researchers to focus on their work instead of on camera controls. ETS320 takes the guesswork out of thermal testing for fast discovery of hot spots and potential points of failure. This sensitive camera detects minute temperature shifts (< 0.06°C) and quantifies heat generation up to 250°C.

With more than 76,000 points of temperature measurement, the ETS320 allows users to monitor thermal performance, detect hot spots, and identify potential points of failure during product development. Researchers can locate hot spots without concerns about unseen heat sinks. Temperature measurement accuracy of ±3°C helps to ensure products attain quality assurance and factory acceptance.

The camera's measurement accuracy and its ability to visualize small temperature differences help testers evaluate thermal performance, ensure environmental compatibility, and troubleshoot problems for a wide range of components.

The rechargeable, battery-powered ETS320 sets up quickly and easily, so product developers can have an immediate, real-time view into the thermal performance of their designs. The unit comes fully assembled and ready to connect to a PC running Flir Tools+ software for detailed data analysis, recording, and reporting.



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