Technical Program

Technical Program

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ISTFA 2017 Best Paper Nominees

  • Making synchrotron tomography a routine tool for 3D integration failure analysis through a limited number of projections, an adapted sample preparation scheme, and a fully-automated post-processing  
    Ms. Alexandra Fraczkiewicz
  • Fault Isolation of Leakage for Device with Non-uniform Underfill
  • Power Spectrum Analysis                                                       
    Dr. Paiboon Tangyunyong
  • Device Channel Temperature Measurement Using NIR Emission  
    Dr. Franco Stellari
  • A review of well-imaging techniques                                 
    Mr. Gregory M. Johnson
  • Fast Root Cause Identification with Combination of Failure Analysis and In-line Inspection         
    Dr. Zhigang Song
  • Laser Silicon Interaction Study on Ring Oscillators to establish Temperature Voltage Dependency trends on 14nm and future FinFET technologies.                                          
    Mr. Gaurav S. Mattey
  • Picosecond Time Resolved LADA Integrated with a Solid Immersion Lens on a Laser Scanning Microscope          
    Mr. Kristofor Dickson
  • Laser Voltage Tracing for Electrical Fault Isolation of Circuits propagating Aperiodic Signals
    Mr. Venkat Ravikumar
  • Time Resolved LADA using a modulated pulsed laser to fault isolate bridging defects and framing high accuracy Physical FA plan in 14nm FinFET technologies.               
    Mr. Gaurav S. Mattey
  • Exploring the Physical Limits of Gallium-based Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Chip Circuit Editing         
    Mr. Steven B. Herschbein
  • Increasing FA Throughput in Challenging Samples Utilizing TRUE X-sectioning and the Rocking Stage     
    Mr. Marek Sikula
  • Backside Protection Structure for Security Sensitive ICs
    Ms. Elham Amini
  • Steps Toward Automated Deprocessing of Integrated Circuits       
    Dr. E.L. Principe
  • Investigation of switching mechanism in HfO2-based oxide resistive memories by in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) 
    Mr. Tristan Dewolf
  • EBIC and EBAC Analysis of Site Specific STEM Samples                       
    Dr. Tom Schamp
  • Power MOSFET Failure Analysis and PackageEffects in 3-Phase, Half Bridge Applications and Design Improvements                                                                                                          
    Mr. Mark J. Dipsey
  • Fin level defect isolation inside a FinFET using electron beam alteration of current flow               
    Dr. H. J. Ryu
  • Characterization of Gate Oxide Pinhole Defect in NMOS FinFET Devices             
    Mr. Liangshan Chen
  • Advanced In Situ X-ray Metrology for Thermal Interface Materials Package Failure Analysis      
    Dr. Peng Li
  • Use of 3D Xray Microscopy for BEOL and Advanced Packaging Failure Analysis 
    Dr. Christian Schmidt
  • ATPG Testing and Diagnosis Implementation for a Fast and Efficient Iterative ATPG Diagnosis and Fault Isolation
    Mr. Eric Barbian
  • Precision Xe Plasma FIB Delayering for Physical Failure Analysis of sub-20 nm Microprocessor Devices 
    Mr. Dionaldo Zudhistira
  • Sample Preparation Techniques for Reduced Lateral Heat Distribution and Implications for Non-IR Probing on Integrated Circuits                                                                     
    Mr. Matthew M. Mulholland
  • Nanoscale Chemical Analysis with Photo-induced Force Microscopy     
    Dr. Sung Park
  • Failure Analysis of a Silicon Die Integrated in a Vacuum Assembly 
    Mr. Gil Garteiz


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