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International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis

  • Oct 28 – Nov 1 , 2018
  • Phoenix, Arizona

ISTFA 2018

ISTFA 2018

Plan today to attend ISTFA 2018!  This year’s theme is Failures Worth Analyzing.

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While technology advances fast and the market demands the latest and the greatest, successful companies strive to stay competitive and remain profitable. Some have moved their factories to low cost centers and many outsource IC fabrication to external foundries which makes Failure Analysis more challenging. Is it time to rethink failure analysis strategy to reduce cost? Should we identify the most efficient workflow and equipment for hard failures vs. soft failures or systematic failures vs. random failures? How about designing a workflow that focuses on high return, high value failure analysis to maximize return

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ISTFA 2017 Highlights

Best Paper
Picosecond Time Resolved LADA Integrated with a Solid Immersion Lens on a Laser Scanning Microscope
Presenting Author: Kristofor Dickson


Outstanding Paper
Steps Toward Automated Deprocessing of Integrated Circuits
Presenting Author: Ed Principe


Attendees' Best Paper
Characterization of Gate Oxide Pinhole Defect in NMOS FinFET Devices
Presenting Author: Liangshan Chen


Best Student Paper
Making Synchrotron Tomography a Routine Tool for 3D Integration Failure Analysis Through a Number of Projections, an Adapted Sample Preparation Scheme, and a Fully-Automated Post-Processing
Presenting Author: Ms. Alexandra Fraczkiewicz - CEA-Leti


Outstanding Student Paper
Backside Protection Structure for Security Sensitive ICs
Presenting Author: Elham Amini


Best Poster
Uncover the Underneath Hidden Defects Through Fast Selective Chemical Etching in Wafer Fabrication
Presenting Author: Ng Hui Peng—GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd


Best Student Poster
Acceptable Laser Dose of 28 nm FDSOI Technology-Correlation of Experiment and Simulation
Presenting Author: Maxime Penzes—EFA Design


Best Video
Electromigration Station
Author: Stephen T. Fasolino —Raytheon


Outstanding Video
A Foil Odyssey
Author: Terry Stark—Qorvo


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