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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now closed.


Paper selection is based entirely on information submitted in abstracts and will be evaluated on novelty, completeness, quality, and benefit to the FA community. 


Original, unpublished abstracts were solicited in the follow topic areas:

  • Emerging FA Techniques and Concepts
  • Future Challenges of FA
  • Fault Isolation (Thermal, Lock-in thermography, static and dynamic laser stimulation, static and dynamic emission microscopy, Laser Voltage Probing and imaging...)
  • 3D devices Failure Analysis (stacked dies, TSV...)
  • FA Techniques Addressing the Challenges of Heterogeneous Systems in Package
  • Organic Electronic (OLED...)
  • Wireless, Self-Powered, Sensors, MEMS Failure Analysis
  • Detecting Counterfeit Microelectronics
  • Alternative Energy (Photovoltaics, Solid State Lighting, etc...)
  • FA Process
  • Packaging and Assembly Level FA
  • Diagnostic Testing, Scanning and Debug
  • Board and System Level FA
  • Metrology and In-line Device Characterization
  • Power, Discretes and Optoelectronic Device FA
  • Electronic Device Materials Characterization (SIMS, RBS, XPS, Auger, etc...)
  • Microscopy (SEM, TEM, FIB, etc.)
  • Circuit Edit (Laser, FIB, etc.)
  • Sample Preparation and Device Deprocessing
  • Scanning Probe Analysis
  • Yield and Reliability Enhancement
  • Nanoprobing, Electrical Characterization
  • Competitive Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • FA use cases


Please note, authors are allowed to present a maximum of two papers (oral or poster).