Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

What is the Tools of the Trade Tour: Demonstrations of the latest products and services. Learn useful information and see firsthand the latest tools in the industry. Take part in the parallel technical session and see equipment in action right on the show floor.

Tools Tour - Monday, October 29, 2018 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Reception Following Tour - 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Location - Exhibit Halls A/B

How to Sign Up - During registration you will be asked if you would like to attend the Tools of the Trade Tour.  Already registered? No problem! Sign in to your registration account and add to your package today!


2018 Demonstrations will be provided by:

Booth #: 407

Product Name: X-Prep® Mechanical Milling Machine

Product / Tool Description: The X-Prep® is a specialized 5-axis CNC-based milling/grinding/polishing machine designed to support electrical and physical failure analysis techniques (backside/frontside delayering, die extraction, etc.) and other applications requiring high precision sample preparation.

Overview of Demonstration: Tour attendees will be able to view the X-Prep and speak with Allied’s X-Prep experts regarding new applications such as "chip-off" forensics, smart card/security chip thinning and more.



Booth #: 721

Product Name: PLASER™ Plasma Decapsulation Tool

Product / Tool Description: The PLASER uses acid free plasma technology for I.C. decapsulation. The tool features advanced technologies and unique features developed at BSET EQ for the application.

Overview of Demonstration: Tour attendees will be shown the latest advances in Plasma and Laser Decap technology

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Booth #: 327


  • SesameLASER
  • SesameACID
  • SesamePLASMA

Product / Tool Description: Advanced decapsulation systems with

  • iGPS for ACID
  • iCE for MIP (iPanel Cold Etching Microwave Induced Plasma)

Overview of Demonstration: DC will show the last IC DeCapsulation Systems improvements for PLASMA, ACID, LASER, MECHANICAL. DC will introduce for ISTFA this year our new Sesame Micro Machining tools before FIB and SIMS.


Booth #: 707

Product Name: Ethos NX5000 FIBSEM & FlexSEM 1000 with Image-Pro 10

Product / Tool Description: Advanced 2D and 3D Software Image Processing for Hitachi FIB-SEM Systems. In this demonstration we will present multiple image processing examples with data generated from the latest microscope platforms for 2D and 3D applications. Join us to learn more about automated microscopy!

Overview of Demonstration: Image processing software is essential for those who wish to increase accuracy and automate research, development and quality processes for EM/IM data collections.  Automated image processing such as particle size analysis and 3-dimensional volumetric rendering reveals information beyond traditional microscopy techniques for applications in numerous sciences.  Image-Pro and Hitachi delivers an integrated solution with macro driven customizability for automated routines on the latest Hitachi FIB-SEM systems.

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Booth #: 215

Product Name: Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) Decapsulation System

Product / Tool Description: JIACO Instruments Microwave-Induced-Plasma decapsulation is the new standard for reliable Failure Analysis and Quality Control. The fully automated process is highly selective; critical failure sites in advanced packages e.g. SiP, WCLSP, automotive are retained without process induced damage to challenging materials e.g. Ag, Cu bond wire, GaAs, Cu RDL, BOAC

Overview of Demonstration: The JIACO Instruments MIP system has been in the market since mid-2016 and is now in use by many renown global companies for reliable failure analysis and quality control. The inventor of the MIP decapsulation system will explain how you can use MIP to expose and preserve the original failure sites for critical failure analysis to ensure your ‘Failures Are Worth Analyzing'.

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Booth #: 107

Product Name: VHX-6000 Digital Microscope and VK-X1000 3D Laser Scanning Microscope

Product / Tool Description: The VHX and VK Series systems provide fully-focused, high-magnification imaging from any angle and quantify roughness, step heights, curvature, and film thickness with nanometer resolution over a 50 mm area.

Overview of Demonstration: We will provide live demonstrations of two of the latest high-resolution inspection and surface metrology tools, as well as explaining their operating principles and how they can be used to transform the failure analysis process.

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Booth #: 220

Product Name: FlexScribe Station

Product / Tool Description: The  new  FlexScribe  is  a  super-fast,  simple  station  for  downsizing  by  scribing  samples  on  the  topside.  It  uniquely  addresses,  with  a  single  platform,  large  samples  up  to  200mm  and  small  samples  down  to  5  mm  without  restrictions  on  shape  or  thickness.  Scribe a wide variety of crystalline and  amorphous  materials.

Overview of Demonstration: We  will  demonstrate  the  full  process  from  scribing,  with  the  FlexScribe  station,  to  cleaving  the  sample  using  a  variety  of  methods  including  the  use  of  pliers  and  manual  breaking.  Samples  will  include  odd  shaped  samples,  small  samples  and  large  wafer  pieces.  The  FlexScribe  always  makes  a  straight  scribe  and  the  scribing  and  cleaving  station  is  easy  to  use  and  makes  clean  cleaving  affordable  for  every  laboratory.

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Booth: 415

Product Name: Tessent

Product / Tool Description: Tessent® silicon learning software provides a unique advantage to accelerate defect identification in digital semiconductor devices. The Tessent Diagnosis and YieldInsight capabilities deliver unprecedented results to accelerate yield learning for the most challenging advanced process nodes. Come hear about recent breakthroughs and new solutions.

Overview of Demonstration: Tessent is excited to return to Tools of the Trade Tour at ISFTA. Attendees will be introduced to the newest developments in scan diagnosis and statistical analysis for failure analysis and yield improvement. Recent FA results on advanced nodes will be shown overcoming theoretical resolution limits of the past.



Booth #: 713

Product Name: Quadra® 7

Product / Tool Description: The new Quadra® 7 X-ray system with two 4K UHD displays and their 8 million pixels fully show the 50µm pixel pitch and 6.7MP image size of the AspireFP® detector. 4K UHD offers up to 4 times and details compared to standard HD display screens and supports 68,000X total magnification.

Overview of Demonstration: Nordson DAGE will be demonstrating the Quadra®7 X-ray system which is designed to deliver unbelievable levels of inspection, speed and ease of use for the demanding electronics market.

The CT function uses the superior, sub-micron feature recognition 2D x-ray images, that Nordson DAGE X-ray systems always provide, to produce the best CT models for 3D sample analysis, virtual micro-sectioning and internal dimensional measurements. It reduces the number of time-consuming micro-section analyses needed and assists in identifying where micro-section preparation and investigation must concentrate.

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Booth #621

Product Name: ASAP-1 IPS ‘In Situ’ Preparation System

Product / Tool Description: ULTRA TEC has added an ‘in situ’ RST measurement too ASAP-1 IPS Selected Area Preparation Machine. This enables the system to measure through-silicon thickness, in addition to the coordinate measurement systems already on board. This combination enables the sample to remain mounted throughout processing and measurement, thereby avoiding any potential registration errors caused during transfer between the prep tool and the microscope.

Overview of Demonstration: ULTRA TEC will describe and demonstrate the new measurement and alignment improvements of the ASAP-1 IPS ‘In situ’ system, including Remaining Silicon Thickness (RST) Measurement, the OVERLAY of X-RAY and C-SAM images with live alignment coordinates, and a new market-leading user interface and features to ensure the highest quality sample preparations. More information on our products at

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Booth #: 512

Product Name:

  • ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa
  • ZEISS Smartzoom 5

Product / Tool Description: ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) provide non-destructive submicron-resolution fault imaging for package-level failure analysis. Versa produces 3D images of fault locations within full-intact packages, enabling virtual cross-sections from any orientation with high contrast and 700 nm spatial resolution – without having to cut the sample. ZEISS Smartzoom 5 is an automated digital microscope that produces fast, reproducible optical inspection and measurement for failure analysis and QA/QC applications.

Overview of Demonstration: We will describe and demonstrate ZEISS solutions for an optimized workflow on advanced packages to significantly improve failure analysis success rates.

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