Keynote Session


Exploration for Beyond CMOS Integrated Circuit Technology for Computing

Ian A. Young
Senior Fellow and Director of Exploratory Integrated Circuits,
Components Research, Technology Development Group,
Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon


Ian Young is a Senior Fellow and director of Exploratory Integrated Circuits in the Technology and Manufacturing Group of Intel Corporation. He joined Intel in 1983.

He currently leads a research group exploring the future options for a more energy efficient integrated circuit technology beyond CMOS. His recent work developed a uniform benchmarking methodology to identify the key technology options in quantum nano-electronics and nano-magnetics such as tunneling junction field-effect devices and spintronics.

Ian Young received the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and the Master Eng. Science, from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He received the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

He received the 2018 IEEE Frederik Philips Award “for leadership in research and development on circuits and processes for the evolution of microprocessors”. Ian Young is a Fellow of the IEEE.