Education Short Course
Improve your knowledge by taking an ASM Thermal Spray Society education short course. Taught by industry experts, these interactive learning experiences will help you stay up-to-date and competitive. Separate registration is required for these courses.

Introduction to Thermal Spraying
Two day course:
Saturday, May 25 – 08:30 – 18:30
Sunday, May 26 – 08:30 - 13:00

Instructor: Distinguished Professor Christopher Berndt, Professor of Surface Engineering & Technology
School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Engineering
Swinburne University of Technology

Thermal spraying has evolved from a technology designed to be a cost effective method of repairing worn components and machined parts to a process used to provide improved part performance and add longer life to components. As the thermal spray profession has changed, so has the need to ensure safe and consistent methods for thermal spray operators. Leaders in the Thermal Spray Society were brought together to compile their knowledge and experience in a comprehensive, easy to understand course.
Member: $925 USD; Non-Member: $1,075 USD; Student: $550 USD