About the Materials Solutions Network

About the Materials Solutions Network Text

For Client Members, the ASM Materials Solutions Network serves as a cost-effective extension to corporate R&D capability, particularly in the event of shortfalls or variability with in-house materials expertise. For Provider Members, network participation has resulted in new customer relationships and incremental revenues.

Just as we work with our member network to generate, peer review, and publish high-quality technical information, ASM Materials Solutions Network operates in a similar manner. The difference is that the deliverables of the Materials Solutions Network include materials products, services, and know-how, and ASM acts as the matchmaker between Clients and Providers.

  • Diverse range of materials expertise
  • Vast experience from many industries
  • High quality products and services
  • Timely execution
  • Reliable outcomes

Being a Member of the ASM Solutions Network gives access to comprehensive materials solutions from industry leading sources. The ASM membership fees associated with being a Member support the Operations Team, which serve as the administrative, legal, technical review, and project management operations of the Network. Access to the Network provides reliable, timely, and on-demand project execution by the world’s leading materials experts.

  • Outcomes of R&D and project efforts are property of the Client Member


  • Client Member’s proprietary information and intellectual property is always carefully secured while transferring deliverables to Provider Members and results back to the Client Member


  • At the discretion of the Client Member, non-proprietary materials information produced as a result of R&D efforts can be shared through ASM media


Client Members generate requirements based on specific needs, while the ASM Operations Team helps refine those requirements into operable projects and statements of work. Provider Members respond to those requirements through a request for proposal process conducted by the ASM Operations Team. The team then facilitates and supports the delivery of projects by the contracted Provider members to the satisfaction of Client members.