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ASM’s Materials Solutions Network can briefly be described as a matchmaking service for Client Members who are looking for materials expertise. Similarly to how ASM has generated content for decades, by harnessing our volunteer and contributor network, the Solutions Network invites our members and member-led companies to service the needs of Client Members, enhancing the value of membership.




  • Client Members are organizations with materials-specific applied R&D or related process needs.

  • The ASM Materials Solutions Network provides unique approaches and capabilities to actively solve Client-Specific materials needs.

  • Acute materials challenges are addressed in a timely manner to address Client needs.


  • Client members generate requirements based on specific needs, while the ASM Operations Team helps refine those requirements into operable statements of work and projects.

  • ASM is uniquely positioned to serve as an objective trusted agent, with the primary responsibilities of contract and project management to provide comprehensive solutions for our Clients.