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About Us

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The Metro New York-New Jersey Chapter continues to find new ways to achieve more member involvement on a broad front, as we deal with declining ASM membership due to a loss of our historic industrial/research base.  Our objectives were achieved by focusing on the development of a strong program to meet member interests in growth areas of our profession while retaining the interest of traditional members.  Working with Chapter Council, an error was corrected in Chapter boundaries which returned all of New York City to our Chapter and a similar action has been initiated for members living in central New Jersey.  The program of the Long Island Chapter is included in our bulletin to provide more opportunities for member participation.  Two new sustaining members were added this year.

Communications efforts are being revamped to embrace the electronic age, with a new Chapter web site using the ASM template, electronic messages announcing all activities, and replacement of the paper monthly bulletin with an electronic version by the end of the year.  The recruitment of younger members as officers and directors has resulted in the introduction of new thinking which is bearing fruit.  Satish Punj, Chapter Vice Chair, attended Leadership Days (although we were not required to participate in 2009) to take advantage of ASM training modules and interaction with peers from other chapters.  The constant support from ASM Headquarters and Chapter Council has been exceptionally beneficial to the chapter in achieving our strategic objectives.

Programming deliberately spanned emerging and established technologies, with talks on thin film voltaics, glass/ceramics cutting edge advances, and medical stents, joining advanced steel grades, titanium applications and the history/technology of copper and wire making, with an investment casting plant tour capping off the year.  To provide easier access for all our members, meetings were held at four separate venues this year.  Coffee talks were given by a new sustaining member and Director Emily Kinser who spoke on her company sponsored work to improve the life of people in Egypt through better technology and business practices.  The Chapter's Harry E. Lunt Distinguished Service Award and special Chapter awards were presented along with ASM awards at our annual business meeting.

Involvement of students and faculty from local universities has been emphasized.  Undergraduate and graduate students from Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology regularly attend our technical meetings free of charge and for the second year we held a technical meeting at Rutgers.  One on one discussions with students provide career guidance.  A professor from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University has now joined a faculty member from NJIT on our Executive Committee and we have student directors from both Rutgers and NJIT to provide input on programs of interest to students and young members in general.  Outreach efforts have also been made to Stevens Institute of Technology and Columbia University.  A plant tour was organized so Rutgers students could visit a state of the art computer technology development facility.  Plans are actively underway between the Chapter and New Jersey Institute of Technology to establish a new teacher's materials camp at in the northern part of the state to join similar camps which we have supported at Princeton University and Rutgers University for several years in central New Jersey.

Chapter members contribute on ASM Society level position: (1) Dr. Roumiana Petrova is a member of the ASM Technical Programming Board and continues as a symposia organizer at MS&T for "Recent Advances in Structural Characterization of Materials" and "Structural Materials for Aerospace and Defense: Challenges and Prospects", as well as chairing the newly formed ASM Committee on "Processing and Applications"; (2) Emily Kinser served as Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee; (3) Dr. Richard Lynch is serving on the ASM Fellow Selection Committee.  Dr. Lynch was named an ASM Fellow.  Two new Chapter members were nominated for ASM Fellow and one for the Emerging Professionals program.  The daughter of a Chapter Director, Amalya Megerman, was chosen to attend the prestigious 2010 ASM Eisenmann Materials Camp.

Our constant creative efforts are worthy of study by other chapters as they have recreated the Metro New York-New Jersey Chapter and proven successful in maintaining an innovative, active and strong chapter despite a declining regular membership in our area (with a large number of inactive life members) by focusing on local emerging high technology, growth materials industries and increased involvement with local materials graduate and undergraduate students and faculty.