Philadelphia Sponsors

Philadelphia Chapter's 100th Anniversary

Plans for the 100th anniversary celebration are moving along and we wanted to remind everyone
to plan to attend the March 21, 2019 meeting. The committee is working to arrange a unique
menu reflecting the ideas of 1919, to go along with the historic venue and program.




Philly Sponsorship 2

The Philadelphia Chapter intends to establish a Centennial Scholarship Fund.  This fund will allow local students who want to improve
skills in the materials area to take courses or vocational training.  Nationwide, there‚Äôs a growing shortage of workers with hands-on skills
in materials related areas such as welding and equipment operation, in addition to a need for higher level professionals.   The
Centennial Scholarships will aim to help this shortage in the Philadelphia, Southeast Pennsylvania, and South Jersey areas.

To support both the Scholarship Fund, the Philadelphia Chapter is reaching out to ask for financial support.  We have all been the recipients
of valuable information, training, networking, and personal interaction from ASM in the past.  Now, we are asking our members to pay this
forward and allow the Philadelphia Chapter to start its next 100 years.


Anniversary Sponsorship