Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

2016-2017 Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter Yearbook


2017-2018 Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter Officers


In Memoriam

Our chapter, suddenly, on Feb. 13, 2018, lost our current Chapter Chair, and friend to all our members. News of her passing was a total shock to our chapter and its members, and to neighboring chapters.
Alicia was our Chapter Chair for this year, and was striving to make notable improvements to our chapter and its operations. She attended Leadership days this past summer and made many friends within the ASM family there. She participated in Camp this past August.
Alicia was 52, was awarded a four year scholarship to Union Catholic Regional HS in Scotch Plains, NJ and graduated in 1983. Alicia also had a four year scholarship to attend Lehigh University and graduated with a BS in Metallurgy and Materials Science in 1987. She started her career at Airco Industrial Gases as an Applications Engineer, moved on to Amax Specialty Copper Corp. as a Metallurgical Engineer, then took a position with Revere Copper Products as a Metallurgical Supervisor. Her next move was to Ansonia Copper and Brass as their Technical Products Manager.
Alicia then decided to change her life course in the late 1990s and was accepted at the Seward Johnson Atelier School for Sculpture and Art for three years and awarded a number of galleries in both PA and NJ. Alicia went on to become a Customer Service Representative for Sculpture House, Inc. Alicia then worked for Charles Tiles, Inc. and Princeton Stone and Tile as a Sales Person and Interior Designer for about six years. She
moved on to become a Freelance Designer for six years to 2015. Alicia most recently was with Avalon Flooring in Warrington as a Sales Person/Designer.
Alicia in addition to her recent dedication to our chapter as chapter chair, was very interested in the Arts and particularly sculpturing, and was indeed a people person and her vibrant personality only added to her ability to relate to all.
Alicia is survived by her parents, Barbara Castelli Gaydos, and Andrew A. Gaydos Sr., brother Andrew A. “Drew” Gaydos, II; her precious nephew, Zachary A. Gaydos, and his mother, Monika Zareba, two loving uncles, Thomas P. Castelli, and Michael P. Castelli, and many cousins and friends. Alicia was predeceased by grandparents, aunts and uncles and her devoted partner of many years, Charles “Chuck” Jeck, MD.
Alicia and her contributions will always be remembered by the chapter as she was that rare person that communicated to all members of the chapter so well. The suddenness of her passing and her contributions as chapter chair and VC, only will be even more sorely missed.


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Mike Moyer (2013-1015)

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