Chapter By-Laws

Chapter By-Laws


The Philadelphia Chapter of the
American Society for Materials International
Officers, Directors, and Committees combined with
Rules for Government


SECTION 1 - Name

The name of this Chapter shall be the Philadelphia "Liberty Bell" Chapter of ASM International. The symbol of this Chapter shall be the Liberty Bell.

SECTION 2 - Purpose

See opening paragraph above.


SECTION 1 - Limitations

a) This Chapter shall operate under charter number 632 granted to it March 19, 1919 by the Society, giving it authority to carry on the work of the Society subject to the rights, privileges, and obligations provided for in the Constitution and the Rules for Government of the Society hereinafter called the Rules.

b) No part of the net income of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of any private individual or company.

c) No part of the activities of the Chapter shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, or of participating in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

d) The Chapter shall not at any time possess powers, exercise authority or engage in activities, either expressly or by interpretation, which are not permitted to be possessed, exercised or engaged in by an organization exempt from Federal income tax.

If the Chapter should return its Charter to the Society for any reason, or should have its charter revoked, the affairs of the Chapter shall be terminated immediately under the supervision of the Board of Trustees of the Society, hereinafter called the Board, and ALL funds or other property remaining after payment of debts and obligations of the Chapter shall be transferred to and paid to the Society.


SECTION 1 - Membership

a) Membership in the Chapter shall be governed by the requirements of the Constitution and the Rules for the Government of the Society.

b) There shall be no bar to membership in the Chapter because of race, age, creed, color, sex, citizenship or country of origin.


SECTION 1 - Number of Regular Chapter Meetings

There shall be at least eight regular meetings each Chapter year. These shall start in September and end with the Annual Meeting in May.

SECTION 2 - Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Chapter shall be held in May for induction of new Chapter officers and for the chairman's annual report to the chapter.

SECTION 3 - Time of Chapter Meetings

The regular monthly meeting of the Chapter shall be held on the third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise decided by the operations committee.

SECTION 4 - Place of Meetings

All meetings of the Chapter shall take place at locations recommended by the Program Committee and agreed to by the Executive Committee.

SECTION 5 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Chapter may be held at anytime as authorized by the Executive Committee. Notice of special meetings should be given by mail not less than five days before the meeting is held, and such notice should contain a statement of the business to be transacted at such meetings.


The Chapter fiscal year shall begin on June 1 and end May 31 the following year.


SECTION 1 - Officers

The elected officers of the Chapter shall be a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer, and a minimum of seven (7) other members designated as directors. These officers constitute the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2 - Tenure of Office

The Vice-chairman shall be elected to the Executive Committee for a period of three (3) years. He shall automatically become Chairman of the Chapter during the second year and shall continue as a Director during the third year.

Both the Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a term of one year. The elected Directors shall serve for a term of two years with the terms of half expiring in alternate years. The immediate past Chairman shall serve as Director for a one year term.


SECTION 3 - Duties of the Chairman

The Chairman shall be the executive head of the Chapter within the limitations placed upon him by the Rules of Government and the policies and programs laid down and authorized by the Executive Committee. He shall preside at the meetings of the members of the chapter and at all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Operations Committee and shall perform such other duties as are delegated to him by the Executive Committee.

It shall be his duty to call meetings of the Executive Committee of the Chapter as necessary. It shall be his privilege and duty to present to the Executive Committee whatever program of activities he cares to recommend for the future of the Chapter.

He shall ex-officio be a voting member of all The Chapter committees.

He shall fill by appointment all vacancies on committees subject to approval of the Executive Committee.

He may appoint ad hoc committees at his discretion.

Among his other duties shall be the obligation:
1. To appoint a Nominating Committee.
2. To represent the Chapter at official functions.
3. To prepare an annual report to be presented at the annual meeting and at the June Executive Committee meeting. This report will also serve as annual report to the Society.
4. To suggest items for inclusion on the agenda for the Executive Committee's meeting.
5. Co-sign checks and vouchers in the name of the Chapter.

SECTION 4 - Duties of the Vice-Chairman

The Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman or the inability of the Chairman to act.

He shall recommend names for appointment to each standing committee for approval by the Executive Committee. (Jan., Feb., Mar.)

He shall perform such other duties as are delegated to him by the Chairman or by the Executive Committee.

He shall plan to maintain a strong organization and thus continue the objectives of the Chapter during the following year when he becomes Chairman.

He shall plan to make operating committee visits during his term as Vice-Chairman to discuss the individual goals of that committee for the following year.

He shall attend the Society Chapter Chairman's Conference in the year he is elected Vice-Chairman.

He shall prepare a set of goals for the Chapter for each operating committee for his term as Chapter Chairman and present a report at the June Executive Committee Meeting after he has been installed as Chapter Chairman.

He may co-sign checks and vouchers in the name of the Chapter.


SECTION 5 - Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, full and complete records of the membership of the Chapter and the representatives of member firms or corporations and shall cause these records to be checked at frequent intervals with the records of the membership committee. He will perform such other duties as shall be delegated to him by the Executive Committee.

He shall carry out such duties as prescribed in the Constitution of the ASM.

He should be cognizant of legal action and should assist in interpreting aspects of such action to the Executive Committee.

He will act as parliamentarian at Executive Committee meetings.

He shall be a member e

He shall oversee the performance of the Executive Secretary.


SECTION 6 - Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be the financial officer of the Chapter and shall be cognizant of the over-all financial situation of the chapter. He shall keep, or cause to be kept, complete records of all monies received and disbursed by or on behalf of the Chapter and shall determine that proper receipts are secured for all monies disbursed. He shall report to the Executive Committee, whenever requested, the financial condition of the Chapter. He shall ex-officio be a voting member of the Finance Committee and its Chairman, and he shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to him by the Chairman or the Executive Committee.

As Chairman of the Finance Committee, he shall call and preside at meetings to evaluate the financial status of the Chapter relative to the budget then current, to plan the budget for the year ahead, and to discuss investments and accounting practices with the appropriate Chapter Committee C

He shall prepare and present monthly and annually financial statements to the Executive Committee.

He shall present the budget to the Executive Committee and interpret items therein.

He shall co-sign checks in the name of the Chapter.


SECTION 7 - Duties of the Directors Comprising the Executive Committee

It shall be the obligation of each Director to attend and participate in all meetings of the Executive Committee and Operations Committee Meetings. It shall be the duty of each Director, by attendance at such meetings, and at all other times, to assist in establishing current and future chapter policy to be carried out by the membership, its committees, and staff associates. Each Director shall assist in:
1. Establishing budgets and interpreting budgetary and financial statements. Approve the annual budget at the September Executive Committee Meeting.
2. Making appropriations.
3. Overseeing the particular committee(s) assigned by the Chapter Chairman and motivate, encourage and support the activities of the assigned committee(s).
4. Passing judgment on other matters directed to the affairs of the Chapter.
5. Reviewing the various activities of the Chapter, current or proposed, with a view to the establishment of policy.
6. Making proposals for the activity and welfare of the Chapter.
7. Serving on any ad hoc committees, or undertaking other tasks, as appointed or requested by the Chairman.
SECTION 8 - Removal From Office

If a member of the Executive Committee is to be removed from office, it shall be by vote of nine members of the Board.

If the Chairman is removed from office, the vice-chairman shall succeed him.


SECTION 1 - Nominations

A nominating committee, consisting of nine (9) members of the Chapter in good standing shall be appointed by the Chairman at each February meeting which shall nominate officers the Directors for the ensuing year. This committee shall be chaired by the immediate Past Chairman and shall include the current Vice-Chairman. This committee shall report to the March meeting. The names of other members in good standing may be added to those recommended by the committee as nominees, by petitions signed by ten (10) percent of Chapter members filed with the Secretary within ten (10) days after the March meeting at which meeting the Chairman shall announce the right of members to do so. Consideration should be given by the nominating committee to candidates who are chapter members in good standing and who have served as chairman of standing committees.

The nominee for vice-chairman shall have served a full term on the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2 - Elections

In the event that the nominating committee names only the required number of nominees to fill each of the various offices, and also in the event that no additional nominees are proposed by petition, as outlined in Section 1 of Article VII, the Secretary of the Chapter shall be instructed by the Chapter Chairman to cast the unanimous vote and no prepared ballots shall be issued to the qualified membership. However, when the nominees for an office, or offices exceeds the number to be elected, the elections shall be by letter ballot which shall be prepared by the secretary after the period for filing petitions has expired, and forwarded to the membership at least ten (10) days before the April meeting. The ballots must be returned before the day of such meeting. They shall be delivered unopened to tellers who shall be appointed by the Chairman to tally the same at said meeting and forthwith report the results. Election in this case shall be a majority count of ballots properly cast by members in good standing according to a list to be furnished to the tellers by the secretary, except that three (3) members of the Executive Committee may be elected each year by plurality vote to comply with Section 2, of Article VI of the Rules for Government.

SECTION 3 - Installation of Officers

Newly elected officers and Directors shall be installed at the annual meeting in May.

SECTION 4 - Vacancies

When a vacancy occurs in the offices of either the vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, or any other voting member of the executive committee, the vacancy shall be filed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

SECTION 5 - Special Elections

In case of failure to fill an expiring office at the annual election, a special election shall be held in manner aforesaid before the annual meeting in May at which the tellers report the result thereof but the candidates shall be limited to those nominated for the annual election and any nominated by petitions signed by ten (10) members and filed with the secretary within ten days after the April meeting, the Executive Committee authorize a special election to be held in substantially the same manner whenever the circumstances may require it, provided that notice of same be given at a regular meeting and opportunity given members to file nominating petitions within ten days thereafter.


SECTION 1 - Appointment

The Executive Committee has the option of appointing an Executive Secretary.

SECTION 2 - Duties

The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the Executive Committee and the Operations Committee. He shall furnish copies of the minutes to the members thereof and to the Society. He shall advise them as to the time and place of meetings.

He shall receive and deposit in the name of the Chapter all funds of the Chapter in a bank or banks approved by the Executive Committee.

He shall prepare checks for the co-signatures of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman and Treasurer. No disbursement shall be made for any purpose not provided for in the yearly budget recommended by the Finance Committee without an authorization from the Executive Committee but the Executive Committee may ratify any expenditures beneficial to the Chapter.

He shall act as central agency for Chapter Committee functions.

He shall assure continuity of Chapter functions from year to year by undertaking duties not otherwise assigned to a committee or performed by a committee.

He shall conduct the general business and administrative functions of the Chapter.

He shall be a member ex-officio of the Finance Committee.

He shall have custody of all papers and records of the Chapter, including bank, check and account books, library of yearbooks and the correspondence relating to Chapter funds. All records of the Executive Secretary shall always be open and available to the officers at reasonable hours.

He shall edit the Newsletter and Meeting announcements.

He shall be the chapter correspondent.

He shall make an annual written report to the Chapter at the annual meeting and forward same to the Society after the report is approved at the annual meeting with a copy of the report of the auditing committee.

He shall attend the nominating committee meeting and present a list of eligible candidates for the various offices.

SECTION 3 - Optional Appointment

The Executive Committee may at its discretion divide the duties of the Executive Secretary between two (2) persons. The function of the additional appointed person will be to assume the duties described in Section 2 that provide assistance to the Treasurer, such as receiving and depositing Chapter funds, preparing checks, and maintaining Chapter financial records. This person shall be called the Executive Treasurer.


SECTION 1 - Duties of the Operations Committee

The operations committee shall consist of the eleven (11) voting members and the chairman of each of the active chapter standing committees appointed by the chairman and shall meet for organization in June after the installation of officers at the annual meeting.

SECTION 2 - Meetings of the Operations Committee

There shall be at least eight meetings of the Operations Committee each year. These meetings are to be held each month June through May of the following year, except July, August and December. A quorum of the operations committee shall consist of six (6) voting members. A quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of business.

SECTION 3 - Meetings of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet as designated above and may also meet in executive session at the discretion of chairman.


SECTION 1 - General Provisions
A. These Rules for Committees shall be established and amended by the Executive Committee.

These Rules shall provide for the formation and dissolution of committees, state the purpose of each committee and make such provisions as may be necessary to guide the operations of such committees.

B. Formation

The Executive Committee authorizes the formation of standing, yearly, and Ad Hoc committees and affiliation with other organizations necessary to the operation of the Chapter.

C. Appointments

All committee appointments shall be made by the Chairman of the committee. For continuity, it is preferred that each committee appointment shall be made for a term of three (3) years. In order to provide a rotating membership, one-third of the members of each committee shall be appointed each year. Except for committee chairmen whose appointment is specifically dictated by other provisions of the Rules for Government and unless otherwise decreed by the Chairman of the Chapter, the Vice-Chairman of the committee shall become the next Chairman of the committee. Both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the committee shall be selected from the membership of the committee.

Reappointments may be made when desirable. The size of the various committees shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee.

D. Procedure

Each committee shall meet in April for organization and set its goals for the following year. Each standing committee chairman shall submit a written report of the committee organization and goals to the Executive Committee at the June Operations Committee Meeting. Each committee may be assigned additional duties at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Each committee shall issue minutes of its meetings and the Chairman shall submit an annual report. All committees shall report to the Executive Committee at the Operations Committee Meeting.

SECTION 2 - Standing Committees The standing committees of the Chapter shall be:
A. Advertising
B. Awards
C. Career Development
D. Entertainment
E. Fellowship and Registration
F. Finance
G. Historical
H. Long Range Planning
 I. Membership
J. Newsletter
K. Photography
L.  Professional Development
M. Program
N. Publicity
O. Scholarship
P. Senior Activities (Blue Ribbon)
Q. Sustaining Members
R. Yearbook
S. Young Members

The term of each appointment to a Standing Committee will normally commence June 1. The name of each committee and its purpose shall be stated in following paragraphs of this Article.

SECTION 3 - Yearly Committees

Auditing Committee, Nominating Committee, Tellers Committee

The yearly committees are appointed by the Chairman at the time designated in these rules. After the committee has performed its function and made its report to the Executive Committee it is automatically dissolved.

SECTION 4 - Ad Hoc Committees

The Chairman with the approval of the Executive Committee may appoint Ad Hoc Committees and/or Special Committees as needed to carry on the affairs of the Chapter. Ad Hoc or Special Committees are automatically dissolved with the change of officers but may be reappointed by the incoming chairman if it is deemed necessary.

SECTION 5 - Society and Chapter Liaison and Affiliations with Other Organizations

The Society and/or the Chapter may from time to time find it advantageous to the membership to affiliate with other organizations, technical or educational. The Chairman shall appoint representatives to these organizations to represent the Chapter. The representative shall report to the Executive Committee the proceedings of the Meetings of the affiliate. He shall not have power to obligate the Chapter financially without approval of the Chairman and Executive Committee.

Philadelphia Chapter is affiliated with: Engineering and Technical Societies of Delaware Valley Inc., (ETSCO) and the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers.

SECTION 6 - Standing Committees - Purpose & Duties


The advertising committee shall solicit and secure all advertising for all chapter functions.

Chairman of the Advertising Committee is ex-officio advertising manager of the Yearbook.


The awards committee shall be responsible for selection of candidates for awards on the Chapter level and recommend candidates for awards on the Society Level.

The Awards Committee shall be responsible for the selection of candidates for: Philadelphia Chapter, William Hunt Eisenman Medal and Albert Sauveur Lecturer.

The Awards Committee shall meet in September for selection of candidates for the Society awards, December for selection of candidates for Chapter awards.

The Chairman of the Awards Committee shall be a past Chapter chairman whose term expired by at least one year.

The committee members should be selected because of their prominence in ASM and industry.


The Career Development Committee works to promote careers, educational programs, career guidance for students and assistance to teachers in the science, engineering and technology of metals and materials.

The Career Development Committee shall direct the educational work of the chapter and shall represent the Chapter in educational matters requiring co-operation between the chapter and institutions of learning, as stated in Article XIV.


The Entertainment Committee shall be responsible for selection of social activities of the chapter. The committee is in complete charge of selection of facilities, professional entertainment and social programs for the chapter.


The Fellowship and Registration Committee promotes attendance at meetings. Registers attendance at meetings, keeps records of attendance and submits attendance report to Executive Committee.

Promotes fellowship at meetings and is responsible for securing cocktail sponsors when required.


The Finance Committee shall supervise the financial affairs of the Chapter under the direction of and with the approval of the Executive Committee. It shall submit the Annual Budget of the Chapter and recommend it to the Executive Committee for action; review the annual report of the Treasurer; and supervise accounting procedures of the Chapter.

The Finance Committee shall supervise the investment portfolio of the Chapter. It shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee with respect to investment policy and shall carry out the investment objectives fixed by the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer shall be chairman of this committee.


The Historical Committee shall be responsible for the collection and storage of all chapter records. It shall help write/supply historical anecdotes for the Chapter Yearbook(s) and any other chapter publications on historical events.


The Long Range Planning Committee shall bring together long-time and experienced members of the Chapter to give thought to the long range objectives and to recommend to the Executive Committee plans for the Chapter in all of its aspects.

The chairman of this committee is the immediate Past Chapter Chairman.


The Membership Committee shall encourage membership in ASM. The committee is responsible for maintaining membership records in cooperation with Executive Secretary and the Society. It follows up members in arrears. It welcomes new members to the Chapter. It supplies the annual list of members for printing in the Yearbook.


The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the collection, layout, printing and making of all Chapter Meeting notices along with Committee Reports and Special Activities.


The Photography Committee shall be responsible for the picture taking of all activities of the Philadelphia Chapter, i.e., photographs of all Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairpersons, along with photographs of all monthly meetings, seminars, social events and awards.


The Professional Development Committee studies the continual educational needs of the Chapter membership. It provides programs to the members on current technical, professional and educational developments in the form of work shops, lecture series, seminars, plant tours, etc.


The Program Committee shall arrange programs for the chapter meetings. A copy of all notices forwarded for publication shall be sent simultaneously to the secretary.

The program chairman shall be coordinator of the general program of the Chapter, and present the chapter calendar of events at the June Operations Committee Meeting.

The Program Committee will coordinate all arrangements for Awards Committee, Young Members Committee, Entertainment Committee and Career Development Committee, when these committees provide speakers for the meeting.


The Publicity Committee is responsible for the public relations, publicity and chapter promotion with the Chapter membership, the local community and with the Society. The committee will coordinate with the various committees material for the chapter newsletter and meeting notices for local newspapers and for the Society releases.


The Scholarship Committee shall advertise the availability of scholarships and shall select the winner(s) from eligible candidates.


The Blue Ribbon Committee shall support the Fellowship and Registration Committee in welcoming all members and especially new members attending the chapter meetings. Their job is to insure that a warm and friendly invitation has been extended to all. In addition they may be called upon to support other special functions.


The Sustaining Members Committee shall solicit companies to be sustaining members of the Chapter. It welcomes new members to the Chapter. It follows up companies in arrears. It maintains liaison with the membership committee to keep records of sustaining members up-to-date. It is in charge of Sustaining Members Night promotion.


The Yearbook Committee shall be responsible for preparing and publishing the Chapter Yearbook within such period of time to assure mailing two weeks prior to the September meeting.


The Young Members Committee shall work to expose young members to different aspects of the field of metals and other engineering materials, and thereby to enhance their professional development, to create a sense of identification with and an opportunity for participation of young members in the Chapter activities, and to provide avenues of communication and forums for discussion of different viewpoints of common problems. The committee may select the recipient of the Young Members Award.


Audit Committee. The Audit Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman in April. The Committee shall consist of not less than five (5) members in good standing.

The Audit Committee shall meet with the Treasurer prior to the time of the annual meeting, and audit the Treasurer's books and inspect the bank books and securities held for the chapter, and make a report, including statements of all assets of the Chapter, at its annual meeting.

Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman in February.

The Nominating Committee shall meet at some time prior to the March meeting and prepare a list of names for submission to the Chapter for election to the various Chapter offices. Seven (7) of the Nominating Committee shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Secretary shall submit a list of names eligible for office and may be called upon for any further information the committee requires.

Tellers Committee. The Tellers Committee shall count all ballots and report their finding in open meeting and shall consist of three (3) members in good standing, appointed by the Chapter Chairman, when required.


Amendments to these rules shall be made by the Executive Committee when and as necessary.


These Rules for Government of the Chapter will become effective immediately after they have been adopted by two-thirds affirmative vote of the total membership of the Executive Committee at a regular or special meeting of the Executive Committee, have been reviewed and accepted by the Managing Director of The Society for The Board, and have been issued to all members of The Chapter in the current Chapter Yearbook.


SECTION 1 - Administration
1. The Chapter shall budget money each year within guidelines approved by the Executive Committee for the purpose of providing scholarship(s) to eligible students.
2. The scholarship(s) will be awarded to the winner(s) at the May monthly meeting.
3. One scholarship will be designated the "Anthony Gallaccio Memorial Scholarship."
4. Applications for scholarship must be received by the Scholarship Committee no later than March 1st of the year for which the scholarship would apply.

SECTION 2 - Responsibilities
1. The Chapter Chairperson in conjunction with the Executive Committee will determine the number and denominations of scholarships each year.
2. The Scholarship Committee shall advertise the availability of scholarships, shall design a standard form to be used for scholarship applications, shall review such applications, and shall select the winner(s) from eligible candidates.

SECTION 3 - Eligibility
1. All students pursuing a diploma program an Associates Degree or Baccalaureate Degree at a Philadelphia area educational institution in Metallurgy and/or Material Science are eligible for scholarship consideration. Philadelphia area educational institutions are defined as those physically located in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania; and Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties in New Jersey.