Student Outreach

Student Outreach

The application process for the camp is NOW CLOSED.

2017 ASM Materials Camp
Drexel University - June 26-30, 2017

The Department of Materials and Engineering at Drexel University, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter of ASM International, will be hosting Materials Camp, a week-long academic day camp that will introduce high school students to the exciting and important field of materials science and engineering.

Run almost entirely by graduate students from the department, the Materials Camp program comprises a series of short lectures together with hands-on, interactive, laboratory sessions, an industry visit (the last several years the students visited the Boeing Helicopter plant in Chester, PA to see the Osprey assembly line), and a small "project activity" that runs throughout the week.

Students, faculty and staff initially get acquainted at a "welcome breakfast" and the students are then immediately introduced to the fascinating world of materials. In the laboratory sessions, camp participants - high school juniors and seniors - will learn about metals, polymers, ceramics, composites and nanomaterials, how these materials are processed, and how their structure determines their properties and hence how and where they are used. Camp activities include electron microscopy, heat treating, tensile and impact testing of metals, synthesis of slime and foam polymers, composites and liquid crystal thermometers. Student teams will also carry out an engineering design project which runs throughout the week with awards for the top teams.

Students "graduate" during a Bar-B-Q luncheon attended by the student's family members, faculty, ASM Chapter members and business leaders where they have the opportunity to network with professionals and to explore college and career options.

Target Audience:

High school students entering their Junior or Senior Year. Highly motivated, inquisitive learners with math and science aptitude. Students will receive free meals, tuition, edutainment and knowledge. Students are only responsible for their own transportation to and from Drexel University, conveniently located next to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. For those who prefer to drive, free parking can be arranged.

To Apply:

  • Complete the application form (pdf)

  • The application MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER than Saturday, April 15, 2017.

  • A personal statement (at least 250 words) why you want to be selected to participate in Materials Camp. Please include your planned college major (if known) or career plans.

  • A maximum of two (2) letters of recommendation.

  • A copy of your most recent report card and school transcript.

  • A recent photo for identification (photo will not be returned).

(Please do not use staples in the application package)

Mail the completed application package to:

Mr. Brian Gorney
Materials Camp Chairperson
3 Brenda Lane
Audubon, PA 19403


**Notification of Material Camp Application Acceptance will be made in mid-May 2017 (see application for specific date)