Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers


Chair: Rebecca Ahern, The Boeing Company

Vice Chair: Open

Secretary: Keith Anderson, UW

Treasurer: Mary M. Davis, Eldec Corporation


Executive Committee Members

Membership: Andrew Cantrell, Jorgensen Forge
Education: Frank Jones, The Boeing Company
Program: Andrew Cantrell, Jorgensen Forge
Newsletter: Rebecca Ahern, The Boeing Company
Awards/PSEC Rep: Luis Leon, The Boeing Company
Student Affairs: Lucien Brush, University of Washington
Young Members: John Morris, The Boeing Company
Exec. Comm. Mbr: Rod Boyer, RbTi Consulting
Exec. Comm. Mbr: Len Reid, JRTC
Exec. Comm. Mbr: Gabrielle Green, Boeing (Retired)
Web Administer: Jason Zhou, Pacific Metallurgical Inc.