Chapter History

Chapter History

ASM Fellows are members who have shown "outstanding accomplishment in materials science or engineering; broad and productive achievement in production, manufacturing, management, design, development, research or education; and two years current, continuous membership in the Society."  

We are privileged to have several fellows in our Chapter.  They are excellent resources and a source of pride for the Puget Sound materials community.


Douglas Allan,  Pacific Metallurgical (Retired)

Dr. Roy Baggerly,  Paccar (Retired)

Rodney Boyer,  The Boeing Company

Dr. V. Chandrasekaran,  The Boeing Company

Dr. Dianne Chong,  The Boeing Company (Retired)

Dr. James Cotton,  The Boeing Company

Dr. K. Bhagwan Das,  The Boeing Company

Dr. Walter Finlay, Copper Range (Retired)

Donald Goehler, The Boeing Company (Retired)

Don Lovell,  Sr., The Boeing Company (Retired)

Dr. Thomas Luhman, The Boeing Company

Dr. George Mayer, University of Washington

Dr. G. Hari Narayanan, The Boeing Company

Dr. Douglas Polonis Sr.

Mrs. Ruth Quist FASM

Prof. Mamidala Ramulu, University of Washington

Prof. Thomas Stoebe,  University of Washington

Dr. Raymond Taggart, University of Washington (Retired)

Michael Tenenbaum, Inland Steel (Retired)

Dr. George Totten


ASM Puget Sound Current and Past Presidents 

G.S. Schaller 1936-1937

Frank W. Dearborn 1937-1938

Alex Finlay 1938-1939

L.T. Holt 1939-1940

Frank B. Bolte 1940-1941

Joseph Daniels 1941-1942

A.G. Melde 1942-1943

W.R. Case 1943-1944

M.B. Sell 1944-1945

Charles F. Metzger 1945-1946

Ralph Winship 1946-1947

Harry P. Evans 1947-1948

Stuart C. Gillespie 1948-1949

R.W. Hargis 1949-1950

C.R. Jackson 1950-1951

E. Theodore Carlson 1951-1952

Blake Mills, Jr. 1952-1953

Monte E. Parker 1953-1954

Clint R. Lundy 1954-1955

Wm. L. Slosson 1955-1956

David R. Meslang 1956-1957

C.B. Holder 1957-1958

John W. Sweet 1958-1959

Howard Southworth 1959-1960

Earl C. Roberts 1960-1961

Mandel Minsk 1961-1962

J.F. Baisch 1962-1963

Henry Hadley 1963-1964

George D. Murphy 1964-1965

Jacob M. Holt 1965-1966

Robert A. Davis 1966-1967

Lloyd G. Berryman 1967-1968

David M. Briggs 1968-1969

Thomas F. Archbold 1969-1970

William K. Gibb 1970-1971

Frank J. DeBoer 1971-1972

Dr. Colin J. Sandwith 1972-1973

Dr. William E. Quist 1973-1974

Donald Goehler 1974-1975

Dr. Douglas Polonis 1975-1976

John E. Bowden 1976-1977

David D. Early 1977-1978

Seth E. Wilson 1978-1979

David E. Werstler 1979-1980

Donald C. Engdahl 1980-1981

Dr. K.B. Das 1981-1982

John K. Ponarth 1982-1983

Douglas M. Allan 1983-1984

L. Arne Logan 1984-1985

Gabrielle M. Green 1985-1986

Dr. V. Chandrasekaran 1986-1987

Dr. G. Hari Narayanan 1987-1988

Rodney Boyer 1988-1989

Dr. Pierre C. Gehlen 1989-1990

Roy G. Baggerly 1990-1991

Dr. Thomas S. Luhman 1991-1992

Dr. Christopher Viney 1992-1993

Dr. Robert G. Stang 1993-1994

David W. Schulz 1994-1995

Kristinn Sigurdsson 1995-1996

Michael A. Landy 1996-1997

Dr. Lucien Brush 1997-1998

John R. Fischer 1998-1999

David G. Fallen 1999-2000

Dr. James D. Cotton 2000-2001

David H. Fry 2001-2002

Margaret Gorog 2002-2003

Mary Davis 2003-2004

David Wood 2004-2005

George Mayer 2005-2006

Rodney Boyer 2006-2007

Roy G. Baggerly 2007-2008

Mark Bonesteel  2008-2009

John Morris 2009-2010

Len Reid 2010-2011

Diana Chan 2011-2012

 Andrew Cantrell 2013 - 2014

Frank Jones 2014 - 2015

Ryan Glamm 2015 - 2016