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ASM International CEO Corner: ASM Renewal Report: Membership & Revenue

March 29, 2019
Source: ASM International

Allow me to update you, the ASM membership, on our progress through the end of 2018 regarding the ASM Renewal.

Our key performance initiatives (KPIs) for the Renewal were first established in our 2017 annual operating plan and have carried through 2018 and into 2019:

  1. Membership and Revenue Growth
  2. Improving Financial Health
  3. New Technological Competencies (Digital Transformation)
  4. Improved Foundation Support

Regarding membership, I am pleased to report that ASM’s total paid memberships increased during 2018 by just under 12%. This growth included 1059 brand new members and 1087 renewed lapsed members. Not counted in these numbers are 381 new graduate members (because their first year is free), including 221 recruitments from the Material Advantage program.

Another interesting fact: 73% of our new members are from the 21-to-40-year-old demographic categories. Also, all six of our Affiliate Societies have experienced year-overyear enrollment growth between 73% and 117%.

With respect to revenue growth, ASM’s annual revenues since 2016 have grown at a 9% rate through 2018. This expansion has resulted from better support and services to our corporate clients, as well as improved and more convenient services to individual members via our new e-commerce backbone. Prior to the new backbone going live in first-quarter 2018, nearly 60% of our member transactions required human intervention from our Customer or Member Services teams. Today, more than 90% of our transactions take place automatically due to targeted enhancements to our technology and processes.

In closing, please know that ASM membership is growing along with our revenue, and we are fulfilling one of our key performance initiatives of the Renewal. Next time, I will share how we are achieving the other KPIs. Thank you for your interest and support.

William T. Mahoney, CEO, ASM International


This excerpt is from the February / March issue of Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P).

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