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April 2018 Trustee Visit

  • April 10, 2018
  • Piatti
  • Seattle , WA , United States


April Newsletter

Our Tuesday April 10, 2018 meeting:


Annual Trustee night and Past Presidents night.


Every manufactured product is made from a natural or engineered material. Unfortunately, some things are made from the wrong material, or are made from the right material, but in the wrong way. Those mistakes can lead to product failures that have serious consequences. When a product failure is analyzed to determine the cause, the material performance is a critical factor to consider, and a materials engineer will be an integral component of the investigation team.
Sometimes when bad things happen, the conflict can be taken to the legal system for resolution. The legal professionals rely on technical experts to show them the cause of failure and help assign responsibility for the failure and damages. Since material behavior, material selection, or material processing is often a critical issue in the failure, investigation of the incident will often require the expertise of a materials engineer.
This presentation will discuss potential materials-related problems in product design and manufacturing that can lead to product failures. Failure mechanisms, including fracture and corrosion, as well as the material properties and service conditions that cause these failures will be covered. In addition, special considerations for the process of investigating product failures involved in litigation from the materials-engineering prospective will be discussed.


Larry D. Hanke, FASM

Principal Engineer

Materials Evaluation and Engineering

Minneapolis, MN


Larry D. Hanke, P.E. FASM, is the principal engineer and founder of Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. The company provides materials engineering and product testing services to manufacturers and end-users for a wide-variety of industries, including medical devices, microelectronics, power generation, and consumer products. Although managing a company and supervising a team of engineers takes up much of his time, Hanke is happiest when he is at a microscope looking at a fracture or a microstructure.
ASM has had an important role in Larry’s professional life since joining the society as a student member. He was a founding member and officer of the student chapter at Iowa State University, has chaired two different local chapters, and served on four different committees for the international society, including terms as chair for the Handbook Committee and the Failure Analysis committee. Along the way, he has also taught ASM education courses, chaired symposia, and mentored at materials camp.
Hanke is a registered professional engineer in multiple states and is also a member of SPE, NACE, AWS, ASTM, and the ASM Affiliate Societies: Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies, Failure Analysis Society, and International Metallographic Society

Address: Piatti, 2695 Northeast University Village Street, Seattle, WA 98105
Date: Tuesday, April 10
Time: 5:30 PM Social hour (no host bar), 6:30 PM Dinner, 7:30 PM Presentation
Food/Cost: $20 General, $10 Student, FREE for Past Presidents

RSVP due Friday 4/6

RSVP by contacting Mary Davis at

or Buy tickets through Eventbrite




• Rebecca Ahern [Chair]

• OPEN [Vice Chair]

• Keith Anderson [Secretary]

• Mary Davis [Treasurer]

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