Chapter History

Chapter History

Rhode Island, measuring only about 48 miles long and 37 miles wide, is the smallest of the U.S. states. Despite its small area, Rhode Island, known as the "Ocean State," boasts over 400 miles of coastline. Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams in 1636, who had been banished from the Massachusetts colony for his advocacy of religious tolerance and the separation of church and state. During the colonial period, Newport was a major hub for shipping and trade, and in the 19th century Rhode Island was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution and the establishment of power-driven textile mills. Rhode Island hosted the first National Lawn Tennis Championship in 1899, and is home to the Tennis Hall of Fame. Famous Rhode Islanders include novelists Cormac MacCarthy and Jhumpa Lahiri, actor James Woods, television personality Meredith Vieira and Civil War U.S. Army officer Ambrose Burnside.

The Rhode Island Chapter of ASM dates back to 1920!  Below is a list of past chairs dating back to those humble beginnings.


RI Chapter ASM International Past Chairman 1920 Through 2009

F. N. MacLeod 1920-21    

A. N. Annan 1921-23    

F. N. Franklin 1923-25    

John E. Wiggins 1925-26

Thomas Wray 1926-28   

E. J. Sullivan 1928-29

ChesterT. Morey 1929-30

ChesterHacking 1930-31

Robert G. Ashman 1931-34

Walter M. Saunders 1934-35

Cyril R. Broadhead 1935-36

Stuart A. Woodruff 1936-37

Clarence P. Bearce 1937-38

M.W. Caruthers 1938-39

George E. Gregson 1939-40

Neil B. MacLaren 1940-41

M.W. Rigdon 1941-42

Allen G. Shepherd  1942-43

Richard C. Pranik 1943-44

Richard F. Harvey 1944-45

Carl R. Rex 1945-46

Howard G. Jones 1946-47

Henry J. Hamel 1947-48

Herman Muenchinger 1948-49

Melvin G. Knapp 1949-50

William J. Loeffler 1950-51

William A. Sherman 1951-52

Arthur S. Johnson 1952-53

Kenneth H. Mairs 1953-54

James H. Hinman 1954-55

John D. Nelson 1955-56  

Sidney Siegel 1956-57

William P. Matthew 1957-58

Clifford S. Ey 1958-59

Marshall C. Battey  1959-60

Donald J. Davidson  1960-61

Joseph J. Buchinski  1961-62

Joseph Gurland 1962-63

Edward Hyman 1963-64

Frank E. Binns 1964-65

George H. Schubert v  1965-66

Arthur M. Tasker 1966-67

Guy P. Marchetti 1967-68

Marc H. Richman 1968-69

William R. Noble 1969-70

Donald Avery 1970-71

Gary Grove 1971-72          

Seth R. Thomas 1972-73

Richard R. Langhoff  1973-74

Emmet E. Turley 1974-75

Carl F. Burling 1975-76 

Dale M. Petrarca 1976-77

Robert E. Langevin 1977-78

Fram Slade 1978-79

Kris Vaithinathan 1979-80

Gordon Partington 1980-81

Edmond F. Jackson 1981-82

Thomas J. Rockett 1982-83

Raymond A. Gomes 1983-84

Frederick Blackall, IV 1984-85

JoAnn DeRoner 1985-86

Jeffrey Stewart  1986-87

David J. Sheridan 1987-88

James A. Forster 1988-89

Robert Schwensfier Jr. 1989-90

Sharon Picard 1990-91

Charles Ackmajian 1991-92

Arthur DeRita 1992-93

Julie Brown 1993-94

Christopher Jones 1994-95

Parviz Malekpour 1995-96

Sharon Picard 1996-97

Debbie Osbourne 1997-98

Allisa Rojas 1998-99

Thomas Richards 1999-00

Michol Tosto 2000-01

Thomas Doggart  2001-02

John Goetz 2002-03

Gregory W. Dexter 2003-05

Theodore S. Greene 2005-07

Costantino Volpe 2007-09

Gary Haupt 2009-2011

David Shaner 2011-2014

Paul Forde 2014 - 2016

Rick Houghton 2016- present