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Sept Chapter Meeting – Past Chairman’s Night! Electrodeposited Coatings

  • September 13, 2017
  • Michael's at Shoreline 2960 Shoreline Blvd
  • Mountain View , CA , USA



Sept Chapter Meeting – Past Chairman's Night!

Electrodeposited Coatings

Speaker: Dr. Francis Honey

INTA Technologies  (retired)


Wednesday, the 13th of Sept  we will be meeting at Michael's at Shoreline  2960 Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View

5:30 pm Social/Networking…6:15 pm Dinner…7:30 pm Speaker

Buffet Dinner Cost: ASM Members $30……Students $10……Guests $35…..Talk only (and Past Chair's)- Free

Reservations: Contact Al Kwong at (408) 248-1916 or or Jack Jew at



Electrolytic plating or electrodeposition has been used industrially for almost two hundred years. It is vital for modern society yet is often considered a black art rather than the exact science it is. 

This presentation will demonstrate how, following the work of Humphrey Davy and Michael Faraday in the early 19th century the field has grown to encompass medical device, high temperature gas turbine, electric automobile, deep space, semiconductor and microwave industries.


Aqueous plating, molten salt electrolytic diffusion coatings, multi element composite plating and lastly deep eutectic plating systems will be considered.

Concerns regarding plating adhesion, stress, thickness measurement and control as well as environmental factors will be addressed.

Samples from all fields will be available for inspection together with stereoscopic images.




Dr. Honey received his BSc and D.Phil. in Materials Science from Sussex University in England. His D.Phil. work was on electrolytic diffusion coatings from molten salts and diffusion bonding. He began his industrial career, in 1975, with Bristol Aerojet ( BAJ ) in the Tribomet Group, developing the understanding, control and analysis of electroplated high temperature wear resistant coatings for jet engines. This led on to development of high temperature, oxidation - corrosion resistant composite coatings for both land based, marine and aero engines and subsequently high temperature abrasive tip coatings were developed. Patents were granted and licences sold to major engine manufacturers in the UK and USA for use on Concorde, Tristar, Harrier, Boeing and Airbus as well as the Eurofighter and US military aircraft.

From 2000 he worked as Engineering Manager at INTA Technologies in Santa Clara helping to move the emphasis from R & D to Production. Projects have included development of electrolytic coating systems for :- shielding for MRAM; medical device implants ; Tesla EV; Space telescopes and cameras including JWST, New Horizons, OCO , Pan Starrs , Euclid . In addition he has developed a range of high temperature, high pressure probes using active metal brazing that are widely used in the US and overseas.

After an enjoyable career working on a variety of projects with unusual materials, state of the art analytical equipment and interesting people he retired in 2015 but still works as a consultant and guest lecturer at SJSU.




INTA Technologies  is a world-class leader in precious metals plating, brazed ceramic to metal assemblies, ceramic metallization, laser welding and more.


INTA Technologies provides superior, consistent high quality plating on CuW, molybdenum, beryllium copper, kovar, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, plastics, and many other conductive and non-conductive materials. We offer gold, silver, nickel, copper, platinum, rhodium, and other types of plating in several standards, types and specifications.

With extensive heat-treatment capabilities, engineering and technical staff, INTA produces not only high quality coatings but also metallized ceramics as well as hermetic brazed ceramic metal assemblies. In addition INTA has significant production  experience in active metal brazing techniques. For more information go to the website: ,  or contact or or, or call 408-748-9955



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Past Chairman's Night

Electrodeposited Coatings

F. Honey, Ret

Oct 11


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Mar 14


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O. Keles, SJSU

Apr 11

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Advancements in Glass Technology

Gary Trott, Owens Corning

May 9



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