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The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies

  • May 17, 2018
  • Ballybrit, Galway, Ireland
  • Clayton Hotel Galway

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SMST 2018: Engaging Our Future

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May 17, 2018
Clayton Hotel Galway
Ballybrit, Galway, Ireland

Engaging and enabling effective SMA design in Irish Biotechnology through open communication in a forum of academia and industry. Plan to attend! 

The event will kick off with Education sessions in the morning. Our education sessions are designed to be practically applied by bringing both historical context, and up-to-date technical insight. You will leave with a well-rounded view of nitinol technology from its inception to current production, tuning, applications, and a brief view into emerging technology.

First off in the morning, Neil Morgan (Founder, AdvaNiTi, Ltd. and 20 year SMST veteran) will present the origin of nitinol, cover basic principles that make it useful and valuable, and provide a brief discussion on current production technologies. Second up, Jeremy Schaffer (Director of R&D, Fort Wayne Metals, 17 years SMST involvement) will cover nitinol application guidance, design for fatigue endurance, and the latest in nitinol material advances.

SMST Nitinol short course – Outline

  • Education 1 – Using Nitinol in Medical Devices (Neil Morgan)
    • The origin of Nitinol - Basic principles of shape memory (SM) & superelasticity (SE) – with physical take-home demonstrators*
    • Current production technologies – melt through final form
    • Case study - Shape setting a Nitinol implant device for optimum properties
    • Finishing a Nitinol implant - surface polishing
    • Introduction to corrosion
  • Education 2 – Applications, Fatigue, Emerging Technology (Jeremy Schaffer)
    • Nitinol application guidance – when nitinol should be avoided
    • Design for fatigue endurance – materials and processing impact to device durability
    • Recent and emerging advances in SM and SE technology




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