Why Get Involved

Why Get Involved?

Volunteering your time and leadership skills in committees can be a very rewarding experience. Members find personal satisfaction in sharing their life experiences to help others solve problems, grow, and succeed. Benefit on your own career path as you learn alongside members who have much to share with you, too.

  • Meet peers in your hometown

  • Build your own leadership and team-building skills

  • Share your industry's problems and solutions with material science professionals

  • Gain knowledge and stay current on materials advancements and trends

  • Find great friends as you work together to advance your industry


Get Involved with SMST

SMST Board


The International Organization on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST) is a volunteer organization made up of industry professionals, scientists and researchers dedicated to disseminating technical education on the unique class of materials which exhibit shape memory and superelastic properties.