Shape Memory Alloy Links

Shape Memory Alloy Links

Links to Other Web Sites Dealing with Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies

Note: SMST does not endorse any of the suppliers, services, or products listed below. These links are simply provided as a courtesy. SMST accepts no liability that may result from the use of any of these suppliers, services, or products. By clicking on the links below, you accept any and all risk or liability associated with their use.

Admedes Schuessler GmbH
Precision manufacturing of Nitinol Components, including laser cutting and electropolishing. (Germany)

Burpee Materials Technology, LLC
Provides technology-based prototyping of stents and other metallic devices, including laser machining, electropolishing, and heat shaping nitinol.

Dynalloy, Inc.
Manufacturer of shape memory alloy Flexinol® actuator wires used to provide stable actuation in products where electric solenoids and motors have limitations. Innovating in medical, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and others.

Nitinol related medical device design, analysis, and prototyping.

Endosmart GmbH
Design and product developer of medical implants and instruments out of Nitinol. (Germany)

Euroflex GmbH
Euroflex GmbH is a leading supplier of Nickel Titanium Alloy and Special Alloys in Europe.

Fort Wayne Metals
Supplier of Nitinol Wire, Flat Wire, Strands & Cables, and DFT® - Drawn Filled Tubing.

Intrinsic Devices
Supplier of Nitinol rings, rods, pins and washers used for fastening, sealing, electrical interconnection, and actuation.

Johnson Matthey, Inc Medical Products
Supplier of Nitinol Tubing, Wire, Ribbon, Sheet, and Components. This web site has an extensive library of Nitinol technical information as well as product information.

Lightek Corporation
Specializing in Nitinol and stainless steel electropolishing for medical devices.

Memory-Metalle GmbH
Supplier of Nitinol Tubing, Wire, Ribbon, Sheet, Components, and Development Services. (Germany)

Memry Corporation
Supplier of Nitinol Tubing, Wire, Ribbon, Sheet, and Components.

Metalwerks PMD, Inc.
Melting of nitinol ingot, bar, and rod, as well as conversion services for nitinol

Nitinol Biocompatibility Thesis
Thesis by Dr. Ryhanen on Nitinol biocompatibility available online as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

Nitinol Devices & Components
Supplier of Nitinol Tubing, Wire, Ribbon, Sheet and Components

PEC - Parnell Engineering and Consulting
PEC is an engineering consulting company that provides analysis primarily in the medical devise field.

SAES® Getters
Worldwide leader supplier for shape memory materials and components. SmartFlex® is a state-of-the-art shape memory trained wire for actuators, used in applications spanning from the automotive to consumer electronics and appliances industries.

SAES® Smart Materials
A primary melter and manufacturer of state of the art of shape memory alloys in several shapes (wires, bars, sheet, ribbon,..) for medical and industrial applications.

Special Metals Corporation
Supplier of Nitinol Ingot, Bar, Wire, Ribbon, and Sheet.

Ultimate NiTi Technologies
Provides full Nitinol project management from design to finished product in an established medical device development environment. Also provides contract manufacturing of NiTi spring, wire, and strip products.

Ultimate Wireforms
A manufacturer of orthodontic arches, springs and other custom wire forms specializing in nickel titanium.

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