About Us

Southern Connecticut Chapter Mission Statement

Recognizing the goals of ASM National regarding Life Long Learning, Emerging Technologies and Information Access, the Southern Connecticut Chapter has determined that the Mission Statement which best fit the needs of the geographical and business arenas that it serves encompasses the following: 

1) Creation of a strong student outreach program focusing on middle and high school students inorder to prepare them for fruitful careers in the materials manufacturing industries. 

2) Providing opportunities for students, working professionals and retirees to network and to transfer information 

3) Involvement in the technological arena of Connecticut's infrastructure especially by serving on advisory committees and through inter-organizational networking.

 The short term plan of the Chapter is to continue to provide its level of programming and student support while maintaining a balanced cash flow.

The long term plan of the Chapter is in limbo because the information from National regarding its long term plan for chapter development and support is sparse. From our perspective, based on industry and membership data, along with the growing dependence on electronic communications, we are skeptical regarding the long term viability of the Chapter Program of ASM National. In light of this uncertainty we are unsure as to the best long term avenues to pursue.