Student Outreach

Student Outreach

Connecticut Invention Convention 2018

UCONN, Storrs, May 19, 2018

ASM CIC 2018 winning inventors:


School (Grade)


Sai Vipparla

Notre Dame High School, Milford, (11)

Petsthetics: 3D Printed Animal

Charles Vasas

Engineering and Science University Interdistrict Magnet Middle and High School, Milford (11)

Coaster Collect

Arya Bairat

Engineering and Science University Interdistrict Magnet Middle and High School, Milford (10)

EVSD Sustineri

These three inventors are part of (first year) CIC high school program in which students who had participated in elementary and middle school are allowed to continue competing in CT as well as on the national level.

Connecticut Invention Convention 2016

UCONN, Storrs, April 30, 2016

ASM CIC 2016 winning inventors:


School (Grade)


Ethan Diani

Hampton Elementary School (4)

Buoy Buddy

Paulo Lopes-Rivera

Middlebrook Elementary School (5)

Lace Arrestor

Daniel Messner

John F. Kennedy Middle School (6)

Heat Wave Ice Scraper


Ethan Diani -- Buoy Buddy  This invention is for swimmers with cochlear implants. A buoyant piece of foam is stitched inside of a stretchy, easy to dry piece of the headband's fabric.

Paulo Lopes-Rivera --Lace Arrestor This invention keeps shoe laces tied all the time and prevents them from getting untied during activities.

Daniel Messner --Heatwave Ice Scraper This is an ice scraper with a removable cover that is filled with sand which can be heated in the microwave.

Note: Ethan's and Daniel's inventions were selected to compete in the first National Invention And Entrepreneurship Exposition (NICEE) in Washington DC.


New Haven Science Fair 2016

May 16-18, 2016, Yale University Commons

Three awards were given to the following students:

Student: Class Project, Grade 4

School: Mauro-Sheridan

Teacher: Andrea Devaney

Project Title: Magnet Madness

Student: Eloise Benoit, Grade 7

School: W. Hooker

Teacher: Douglas Jones

Project Title: Are You More Flexible When Temperatures Change

Student: Sophie Edelstein

School: Wilbur Cross

Teacher: Caroline Dahm

Project Title: Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), 3D Printed, Bipartite Surgical Implant: An Alternative and Supportive Cure for Internal Coxa Saltans in Female Adolescents

Connecticut Invention Convention

UCONN, Storrs, May 2, 2015

The following inventors are recipients of the ASM International – Southern CT Chapter:

Olivia Lira

Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy, grade 5

Project name: "W.O.W.--Walk On Water"

Miles Martiska

Newtown Middle School, grade  8

Project name: "Universal Soccer Shoe"

Kevin Rodriguez

Glastonbury--‐East Hartford Elementary Magnet School, grade 4

Project name: "Flash Heater"


New Haven Science Fair

Yale University Commons May 11-13, 2015

New Haven Science Fair 2015

Three awards were given to the following students:

Lukas Bosch, grade 6.

Nathan Hale School

Project name: "Down to the Wire"

Pablo Quezada and Cristian Lozano, grade 8.


Project name:" Heavy Metal"

Prastik Mohanraj, grade 8.


Project name: "Efficiency of Piezoelectric Materials for Electric Production"