NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Office

Consortium Partners

ASM International

The world's largest association of metals-focused materials scientists and engineers with over 30,000 members worldwide. 

Association for Iron & Steel (AIST)

Professional society with 16,000 members aimed at advancing the technical development, production, processing, and application of iron and steel.

Center for Heat Treating Excellence 

Research organization that works with industry members to improve their heat treating processes.

Forging Industry Association (FIA)

Trade association representing the interests of the North American forging industry with 300 member companies.

Heat Treating Society (HTS)

An ASM professional society affiliate and largest network of heat treaters in the world with 3,500 members.

Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)

A national trade association with 45 member companies that promotes the interest of designers and manufacturers of all types of industrial heat processing equipment

Metals Processing Institute (MPI)

Industry-university alliance located at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute dedicated to advancing the metal processing and materials recovery and recycling industries.

Metal Treating Institute (MTI)

A trade association representing the largest network of commercial heat treaters in the world, as well as manufacturers with in-house heat treating operations and suppliers.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

A multi-program science and technology laboratory managed by the U.S. Department of Energy with a world-class Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.