TMI ATC Roadmap

TMI ATC Roadmap

TMI ATC just launched the Advancing Thermal Manufacturing: A Technology Roadmap to 2020 - the first roadmap to reach across the many industries that rely on thermal manufacturing as a critical component of their operations. This coordinated, cross-sector strategy identifies 50 activities and seven specific action plans that will work to accelerate the development and implementation of advanced technologies for thermal manufacturing in the next five years.

Activities with action plans include:

Technology Development

  • Increase the robustness of materials used in thermal manufacturing equipment

  • Advance tools that model and simulate entire thermal manufacturing processes

  • Improve understanding of performance requirements and development needs of thermal manufacturing sensors

  • Identify and implement hybrid thermal processes and novel applications for assisting thermal processes

Technology Implementation

  • Establish a comprehensive thermal manufacturing knowledgebase

  • Establish a thermal manufacturing demonstration facilities network

  • Launch a thermal manufacturing workforce training program.

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