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MEC introduces detachable powder feeder canister for quick powder changeover

January 02, 2019
Source: ASM International

Metallizing Equipment Corp. (MEC), India, introduces a state-of-the-art “Quick Detachable Canister” volumetric feed powder feeder PF-3350-MFS for instant changeover of powder for different powders during same coating/cladding process without emptying the powder canister.


These powder feeders are available in standard version with Massflow controlled, independently PLC operated, for standalone/multicoat processes.  They can be used with MEC thermal spray systems or existing spray/cladding systems. It is available in 3350 cc volumetric capacity.


The volumetric feeding principle exhibits excellent powder feed rate consistency throughout any thermal spray operation. It contributes significantly uniform thermally sprayed coatings, and also results in predictable coating thickness. With unlatching/latching toggle clamps, the complete canister assembly can be removed from the feeder base, thus allowing easy replacement with other pre-filled canisters of different powders.


In the single feeder type design, a stand is provided on the portable trolley for the operator to place the detached feeder, in order to keep the canister assembly secured for the next operation. This feature saves operator time in changing the type of powder, as considerable time is consumed in emptying, cleaning, and re-filling the canister with new powder. It also avoids contamination of the powder, which could happen when changing to different powders in one canister.

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