TS White Paper

Thermal Spray White Paper

The Thermal Spray Society's mission statement is to be the leading global source for thermal spray information.  The Thermal Spray Advisory Council, in turn, developed the following white papers on thermal spray for use by anyone in the community without charge.  All content is open source, and can be used or revised for any format. Suggestions for updates, or addendums can be submitted via email.

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Addendum 1 – Thermal  Spray Methods (pdf)
Addendum 2 – Thermal  Spray Technology (pdf)
Addendum 3 – Technical & Research Organizations, Conferences, Safety Guidelines and Accepted Practices (pdf)
Addendum 4 – Challenges (pdf)
Addendum 5 – Graphic (pdf)

*The Thermal Spray Society would like to thank and recognize all the volunteers who assisted in providing/drafting content.