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Lindberg heat treating pit furnace produces corrosion-resistant oxide film on tool steels

December 05, 2017
Source: ASM International

Lindberg MPH, Riverside, Mich., has shipped an electrically heated, steam atmosphere, cylindrical pit furnace with a steam generator for steam treating tool steels. Steam treating produces an oxide film on the surface of the part, which improves wear and corrosion resistance, and provides a uniform blue-black finish

The pit furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F and has work chamber dimensions of 22 x 36 inches, and a maximum gross workload of 1200 pounds. Vacuum-formed ceramic fiber modules with low heat storage provide fast heat-up rates. The pit furnace also features a thermocartridge recirculating fan and solid wall baffle for uniform atmosphere and heat distribution.

“This new Lindberg design features a maintenance-friendly fan and motor assembly that provides our customer with reliable and easy maintenance,”-says Jason Dobberstein, Application Engineering Manager.

Other features include vacuum formed ceramic fiber modules with low heat storage for fast heat up rates, and heater coils designed with low surface watt density for extended service life.

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