ASM International is a member-driven society. Nominated by members, the ASM Board of Trustees directs the activities of the society for the good of the entire membership.

ASM Board of Trustees

The ASM Board of Trustees directs the affairs of the society and establishes the society's purpose, goals, and objectives. The board also approves the society's financial plans and budgets, optimizes the assets of the society, selects the managing director, and provides advice and counsel to the officers of ASM.

Student Board Member Program

In recent years, the Boards of ASM, the ASM Heat Treating Society and the ASM Thermal Spray Society have also taken steps to bring youthful energy and ideas to their leadership through the Student Board Member Program.

ASM Nominating Committee

Nominees for the ASM Board are selected by the ASM Nominating Committee. Members and chapters of ASM have an important voice in the nominating process (pdf).

ASM Presidents

For nearly a century, ASM Presidents have tirelessly led the society and represented the membership.

Governance Bottom footer

The ASM Constitution and ASM Rules of Government (pdf) guide all aspects of the governance of our society.

Contact ASM International Member Services via email Member Service Center. To speak to a Member Services Representative, call 440.338.5151, ext. 0.