Trustee Visit Overview

ASM Chapter Trustee Visit Program




Trustee Visit Program

The Trustee Visit Program connects local ASM Chapters with ASM Leadership. Each Chapter is eligible to receive a visit from an ASM Trustee once per year. These visits provide Chapters with an opportunity to express Chapter successes, challenges and receive a technical presentation at no cost to the Chapter.

**Please request a Trustee Visit 6 months ahead of the meeting date to allow time for scheduling.

Purposes of a Visit:

There are two primary purposes for the Board of Trustees Chapter visits:

  • Provide Board Members with awareness of and sensitivity to Chapter and Member needs and activities.

  • Provide Chapter Management and Members first-hand awareness of Society directions and how Members can influence them.


Secondary purposes include:

  • Recognition of the efforts of the local volunteers and express the importance of the Chapter Network to ASM.

  • Share, empower and challenge the Chapters with the Board initiatives and to improve performance.

  • Demonstrate the Member Value of new products, tools and resources developed by ASM.



Trustee Chapter visits create a win-win situation for the Trustee and the Chapter.  Chapters are provided with valuable, knowledgeable information on a variety of topics.  Members are given the opportunity to express ideas, concerns and needs to the Board members concerning their Chapter and ASM in general.  Board members can observe first-hand how various Chapters operate and gain insight to possible problems as well as possibilities.  Meetings held in conjunction with Student Chapters provide invaluable interaction with students and allows Trustees to enrich and impact the students' professional development.  Interaction with our student members is essential in making an impression on their future involvement with ASM International. 

Making the Most of Your Chapter Visit:

Your meeting with the Trustee is an important link between the Chapter and ASM. In most cases, however, time will be at a premium during your visit.  To make the most of your visit, you should consider the following procedures and discussion topics.


Operating a Chapter is a ‘people-intensive' task.  The quality, preparation and depth of leadership that is available at the Executive Committee level and throughout the standing committees is key to the Chapter's success.

Technical Programming:

Technical programs (monthly meetings, education courses, etc.) are the key service provided by Chapters.  The quality, usefulness and frequency of these technical programs are, therefore, central to quality Chapter operations.

Membership Development/Involvement:

Members are the Chapter's primary resource for operations.  Active membership development is needed to sustain strong program, especially at the local Chapter level.  

Industry Relations:

Contact with local industry and involvement and support from local industry management are vital to ensuring that Chapters service the local materials community.  

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